Experts of Traffic Control
We are Providers of Traffic Control Services to the construction, utility, movie/events and emergency response markets across Georgia and Texas. We are a registered GDOT Vendor and Active Members of ATSSA and National Safety Council.





Who we serve?

  • We Serve Clients in our four primary markets
  • Construction-road, bridge, grading vertical construction, landscapers, stripping, guardrail, GDOT
  • Utility construction and maintenance--Water, Sewer and Gas industries
  • Special events---movie/film, sports event, concerts, trade shows
  • Emergency Incidents—storm recovery, vehicle accidents, utility line damage

Our Expertise

Four Hats Inc is an active member of ATSSA and NSC. We exclusively use the ATSSA certification standard to certify our Flaggers, Lead Flaggers and Supervisors. Our employees are OSHA 10 hour and CPR/AED certified and pass a 3 years DMV check prior to employment. This provides a solid baseline to internally grow employees into our culture—a culture focused on Safety, Customer Service, Professionalism, and Dependability. We define the customer as both the client and the traveling public.

Our experience

Four Hats Inc has the expertise, experience and equipment to safely stand in the space between the travelling public and the construction, utility, movie/film/special event and emergency response industries.
We provide Permitting and Prepare Traffic Control Plans to interrupt the traveling public in a safe manner. Our Supervisors and Lead Flaggers are respected and experienced in the Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and Alabama markets. Their experience ranges from 5 to 19 years and have worked in all aspects of traffic control from interstate utility crossings to 2 person flagging operations and film industry detours to storm response.

What are the Four Hats?

Four Hats is a philosophy based on the Webster’s definition of ‘on the square’; “In a fair open manner: Honesty.” A square deal is a solid win-win agreement. A square has 4 equal sides. The Four Hats we must wear everyday are Safety, Expertise, Professionalism, and Dependability. All must be performed with equal focus to bring our clients the value and reputation we have become known for.

Services offered:

Standing between the traveling public and work crews is not to be taken lightly. Lives are on the line. It is a tough place to work and we accept the challenge. Safety is paramount and how we perform our job is on public display. Our employee culture sets us apart and is the extra value we bring our clients and to the profession.

We safely and professionally deliver the following services every day:


Join Our Team

Four Hats is hiring for Flaggers and Lead Flaggers! Four Hats provides a Competitive starting salary for Inexperienced Flaggers and Seasoned Industry Professionals, Paid Training, Bonus Opportunities, Promotion Opportunities, Access to Healthcare, Paid Time Off, and Many More! Our Lead Flaggers are provided a company vehicle and a company fuel card and be allowed to drive the vehicle home and to work directly in the course of business. We are always looking for experienced professionals and inexperienced people looking for the challenge, reward and satisfaction of becoming part of our culture. We are not for everybody, but if you feel up to the challenge, you will find a rewarding career and the satisfaction of knowing you are a representative of the up and coming next big thing in traffic control in the Southeast. If you think you have what it takes, contact us to discuss your qualifications and experience.


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Four Hats Inc provides expert traffic control services and equipment for any public or private entity or event that needs to interrupt the travelling public.